Reyap Hospital Istanbul

Reyap Hospital Istanbul started to serve in the rapidly developing district of Esenyurt in 2016 as the largest and well-equipped private health institution in the region. Constructed on a closed area of 35,000 square meters, with a parking lot with a capacity of 250 vehicles, with 12 floors; With a total bed capacity of 275, 77 of which are intensive care beds, and 11 operating rooms, our hospital continues to serve at international standards.

Reyap Hospital Corlu

Reyap Hospital Corlu started to provide service in 2011 with its specialist and academic physician staff, experienced health personnel, and its constantly renewed technological infrastructure. Our hospital improves more its service quality day by day with a total of 157 beds, including 102 clinical beds and 55 intensive care unit beds, located in 12-storey building and 12.000 square meters closed area.

Our international patient unit provides services to our patients and their relatives from all over the world, accompanied by experienced physicians, at international standards.

Our unit, which serves our patients in English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Georgian, German and Spanish, provides the most comfortable facilities for our patients coming from abroad, and ensures that our patients receive the most up-to-date treatment opportunities.

Our international patient unit, which makes the first contact with our patients with our professional website and call center services, is with our patients during all treatment processes.

The services provided by our unit are listed as follows:

  • Providing translation and foreign language-speaking personnel support
  • Coordination of hospital, doctor and diagnostic appointments
  • Travel arrangement assistance (letters and welcome services for travel visas, etc.)
  • Airport-hospital-hotel transfers
  • Hotel reservations
  • Estimated service pricing
  • Hospitalization procedures
  • Suite room services
  • Helping to understand doctor’s instructions
  • Preparation, follow-up and delivery of medical reports in the requested language
  • Follow-up support after the patient’s treatment
  • Ensuring communication coordination with your doctor after being discharged and returning to your country

Reyap Hospital, one of the leading healthcare institutions in Europe and Turkey, works uninterruptedly to meet the special needs and concerns of our international patients. Our international patient unit assists all the needs of our international patients before, during and after their stay.

Our team acts as your personal assistant from the moment you contact us. He develops empathy with you, knowing that visiting a hospital can be stressful, especially in a foreign country. Our international patient unit, which is compassionate and sensitive to the special needs of all cultures with its multilingual and multicultural structure, strives to make the experience of each of our guests as pleasant and comfortable as possible and shows the necessary sensitivity.

We are always with you with our experienced staff and doctor staff.

Translation Services

Hospital interpreting services are extremely important. Mistranslation in a medical case can cause some critical issues affecting the medical condition of our patients. As Reyap Hospital, we are responsible for this issue. Therefore, our team for our international patients consists of professional translators and native English speakers. In addition, our international patient unit consists of not only translators, but also experienced people in health translations.

Our experienced team accompanies our patients to their medical appointments and assists with all their medical needs. It allows our patients to communicate with our doctors and other hospital staff. He tells the medical reports and necessary drugs to our patients. Our patients may also request additional assistance from our team when necessary.

Our Reyap Hospital International Patient Unit assures that our patients will always be served with great passion and care, within our responsibility.

You are at the center of our attention!

To get service in your mother tongue or in a second language that you think you can express yourself comfortably, you can contact us now and get information from us.

Our team can be reached in person, by phone or any video video chat service.

Please note that this service is completely free. 

For detailed information and an appointment, you can call or WhatsApp us 📲 +44 20 3287 2203