Who we are

BONOOD Founders are dedicated to promoting the quality and diversity of Turkish-made building materials to the world. They have been instrumental in bringing the best of Turkish-made building materials to the global market, highlighting the country’s skilled workforce and well developed infrastructure. Celebrate their dedication to the industry and commitment to delivering the best products to customers worldwide with BONOOD B2B Marketplace.

“BONOOD, founded by a team of three seasoned industry veterans with a wealth of expertise in construction engineering and business, is revolutionizing the way Turkish-Made Building Materials are bought and sold in Turkey. With a combined 60 years of experience around Europe, Middle East, and the GCC, these experts have come together to establish a company that sets a new standard in the building materials industry”

BONOOD In-House Technology

Q-Surv is a cutting-edge system for construction materials quantity surveying that comprises of 5 powerful applications that streamline
the process. The system includes a comprehensive database of detailed
specifications for any construction material product, utilizing the
industry standard CSI codes, making it the ultimate tool for construction professionals looking to improve efficiency, accuracy, and save time. With BONOOD, professionals can easily calculate cost estimates, manage change orders, and track project progress, allowing them to focus on delivering quality work and satisfying customers.

BONOOD Project Engagement

GCC Projects

  1. Holly Haram expansion Project and its related elemin Makkah.
  2. Makkah first ring road & bus stations – MFRRS.
  3. Custodian of two holy mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz for MATAF Extension – KAME.
  4. ALHARAMAIN high speed rail station – HHR.
  5. Custodian of two holy mosques King Abdullah Bin
    Abdulaziz for holy Haram Madina extension.

BONOOD Business Model

BONOOD is a company with a mission to enhance the export percentage of Turkish-made building materials in the global market by tackling the following issues:

  • Using international standards (CSI Code) in technically classifying Turkish products, which will serve to:
    • Provide Turkish products with unique codes, created by our team of technical experts (experienced engineers in all industry disciplines), resulting in a database of unified codes for Turkish products, with well-known specifications.
    • Facilitate the mapping of Turkish products with international products through CSI codes.
    • Offer the opportunity for technical personnel in foreign countries to directly select specific products from Turkish manufacturers, saving time, effort, and money, and eliminating the possibility of receiving a different shipped product.
  • Turkish-made building items global outreach, which is covered by our marketing strategy, plan, and related activities.
  • Overcoming the language barrier issue through launching BONOOD marketplace in Turkish and English languages, which will also positively affect global outreach by putting Turkish products at the top of Google search lists using English language which is not currently exist (Part of the marketing plane).
  • Offer credibility to our customers through our verification process, which will take place by acquiring registered sellers and buyer’s company’s official documentation, such as commercial registration, tax ID and etc.
  • BONOOD offers an end-to-end order management process starting from searching and selecting the product (technically and commercially), seller and buyer’s communication through our communication channels with an interpretation service, agreement, and finally shipping and payments.

In Summary

BONOOD is a company with a mission to enhance the export percentage of Turkish construction items in the global market. Using international standards (CSI Code) in technical classification of Turkish products, which will provide unique codes, mapping with international products, direct selection from Turkish manufacturers, global outreach, language barrier solution, credibility through verification process, and end-to-end order management process.